Here Riley is showing he's getting a good hold on this sheep herding stuff. Good work Riley.
Montego Koolies is a tiny but highly dedicated breeder aiming to promote this remarkable yet still widely unknown breed.

This I can personally only attempt on the scale of a hobby which happily sets me apart from some big breeders who put out puppies by the dozens.

breeding is not a dirty word, it simply denotes that this is my greatest  pleasure and not undertaken as a dog breeding business (that's my idea a dirty word) so I can offer just a few litters each year. Availablity of pups is therefore limited even though Montego Koolies are increasingly gaining in demand with majority of puppies reserved well before weaning age and a waiting list open to all.

I don't have many dogs but so far everyone to visit for introductions have commented very favourably on the happy, loving, outgoing, and memorable little pack of Koolies they have met here.

My self imposed mission now is to do my little bit as long as I can to promote general awareness of this unique breed. This little known, made in Oz dog is a true blue Aussie original, as Aussie as pie floaters, vegemite and eskies.

However, I'm not totally powered by altruistic motives as I hope to be breeding my Montego Koolies bloodline up to 7th gen
purebred status. Probably whistling in the wind seeing as I started this tiny project so late in life, plus, it can be hard searching out new bloodlines to add along the way. All I can do is give it a go and hope for the best. Anyone know of any little used but good Koolie lines out there? I know they are out there and I'd love to know where

A Koolie may come from long lines of recognisable Koolies but if those ancestors are not registered they cannot be counted in the pedigree as 'pure'. Once registered and documented (this is the new deal for our Koolies) all breedings and outcomes can be documented and their progeny recognised. So long overdue!

It's also important to note, in my opinion, that without a breed registry of long and unbiased standing, dogs that are bred for working purposes as Koolies and others have been for so long, are rarely bred to be true to breed or type. These animals were bred for their specific working prowess and matings, when actually planned, would be to maintain those specific working abilities with no thought to maintaining purity of breed or fashionable looks.

I have seen too many examples of dogs denied this vital early interaction, maturing into  dogs with 'issues' simply not knowing how to play, how to mix, mingle, or blend in with others. Every new dog or human should be a potential pal not a potential foe. It's a terrible tragedy and absolute cruelty for any animal to have to survive in this human made world experiencing unending fear of their very surroundings and the beings that rule their entire existence.

Dogs are too often dumped into a prison of a backyard, fenced in with no inkling the cause of the many strange noises incessantly surrounding them. Forgotten, unstimulated, unloved and denied their role within the pack/family. That's a disaster for any dog. How would any living critter react to being subjected to such disinterest? Check out dog pounds if you really don't know!

Playing in mixed company also teaches them to get right back up and into the game after a tumble. No pussies or cry babies raised here! They are bold and beautiful, Koolie gutsy, confident, adventurous and full of personality.
It's a diverse family here at Montego, and everyone knows they have a place that's theirs.
Our Koolie is an amazing, stunningly beautiful dog that I first stumbled across, fell in love with and had the pleasure to own almost 50 years ago. I am only one but there are others too, and more every day, so each of us doing our little bit should pave a glittering future for a very deserving member of the 'mans best friend' club. I wish I could have known or been in a position to do so many years ago.

When I say little known, I'm talking, within city limits little known, and absolutely not because of any failing on their part. It's just that for near 200 years now our Koolies have been kept very busy elsewhere, behind the scenes in the mud and dust where the real true blue aussie yakka gets done. Almost unseen and unheard of, doing their bit and helping to forge the notable Australian outback way of life that has become our legacy. A dinki di true blue Aussie, that's our Koolie. Should be a national emblem or at the very least feature on a postage stamp :)

I therefore believe outcrosses as well as inbreeding would certainly have been an expected occurrence ( I'm not advocating, merely commenting on what I percieve to have been the norm at the time)  as it has always been used in the establishment of 'breeds' or dog 'types', so finding totally purebred Koolies in significant numbers may still be quite a way off. Mixing of 'breeds' has been a natural occurrence for millennia. How else would all these, cute, colourful, fluffy, smooth, useful, adorable, miniscule and gigantic dogs have been created? Breeds that are easily recognisable for particular traits, coat colouring, patterning, size, etc. were all 'breed stamped' through heavy inbreeding. Have to remember that once all dogs were wolves.
Welcome to Montego Koolies based in the scenic lower midnorth area of South Australia, just south of the lovely town of Crystal Brook. 

We enjoy sweeping distant views to the majestic Flinders Ranges yet Adelaide is a pleasant and easy drive making this a great location to rear healthy, active puppies totally unhinded by suburban restraints.

Here pups can romp and ramble developing strong outdoor country style healthy in mind and body, and also gain a basic social understanding of what is or isn't acceptable behaviour in mixed age/gender company. IMHO essential beginnings of good social behavior habits that can last a lifetime and go a long way to ensuring a pleasant and trauma free life.

Kuender Farm, Lake Grace. Bliss is just gorgeous... and very spoilt... She is a wonderful addition to our family and has settled in well into her new home in WA -
Sweet little boy Klaus is adored at his new home with the Lane family.
Pretty girl Iggy is owned and adored by Lara Hanlon. Vic.
 Montego Wild Fern (Zena) plays so gently with Iggy and June.
Even so, my Koolies maybe much less in quantity but not quality, and they are making quite a mark across Australia and now overseas as well. I proudly produce quality, versatile dogs of superb temperament and fabulous Koolie good looks.

Montego puppy owners have even 'doubled up' (bought a second) they are so impressed by the Montego bloodline, which is based on the female lineage, not the male, as is logically usual for most breeders. A male dog can produce many more offspring in any given year than any bitch is capable of.

Also, being so small I can absolutely delight in ensuring that each and every baby in my care receives all the individual loving attention, handling, guiding, nutrition and care, to prepare them for the real world.

There are many good dogs of good breeding, but, that alone does not ensure they have the mindset to be the reliable, trustworthy dogs we wish to subject our family to. That I strongly believe is indicative of their very early upbringing, their very beginnings of human / peer interaction, which is their earliest training. From there develops a way of thinking and reacting.

Well bred nice dogs reared to be really good dogs. That's what I am about, and believe this is a vital and essential detail some big breeders cannot, or for whatever reason, simply do not deliver. To their shame! By the time any puppy of any breed goes to their new family even if just weeks old, they have already been attitude moulded in one way or another.

There's no luxury living to be found here, we live in a farmhouse not a penthouse, but we do live happily and with a yen to learn and discover and I welcome guests who wish to be introduced to my Koolies. But, absolutely no drop-ins please. phone or e-mail me and we can arrange a time/date to suit all.

It turns out that by sheer virtue of their natural inborn qualities Koolies have in recent times proven themselves as the most versatile, loving, dependable, people pleasing animals that bundle together all in one dynamite package, the most desirable qualities so valued for todays' active lifestyle. This extreme multi-faceted, great to be around, gogetem, can do it all, talented breed that they are incessantly prove that there honestly is something so much more about our Koolie.
That is my aim and along the way I will strive to do all I possibly can to do the breed some real service. It's not about getting big numbers out there, it's about producing and promoting  high quality animals that epitomise the breeds best qualities. Those in the know fully recognise that those Aussie Koolie qualities truly are exceptional. 'You're never famous til you're known', and the other so true saying,' No one's a legend in their own backyard.' I believe that's all our Koolie is lacking, simply to be known and recognised because they truly are unique and ever so worthy. To get beautiful, nicely bred Koolies into the hands of those who strive to achieve whatever with their dogs, is my utopian end game.

When you consider that breed registries were created for standardisation of  characteristics, a 'base point' of perceived perfection in pampered show mutts belonging to the socially well heeled, not 'blue collar doin' dogs' such as our Koolie. Then it's easy to understand why little is known about them within city limits and why Koolie registries are yet in their infancy. Workers or doin' dogs have never needed papers or proof their ears are pointing just right. They just needed to work like dogs and follow orders. I sincerely hope our Koolie is never ever bred for the showring.
Indi, not only enjoys swimming and family fun time, she also does a great job of working the family's sheep. That's a Koolie for, they do it all and do it so well.