REAGAN EDMONDS. (Montego Koolies Dogzblogz fb member) Koolies are a huge part of the family and they love you just as much as you love them!

In saying that I confess that all Koolies are amazing company, and I've known some  seriously tightly wound dynamos that can still just turn off and be couch pooches until theyr'e called on to get gogogoing again. But if you want a dog that will simply lie a your feet and sleep 24/7, trust me, you don't want a Koole.

I accept reservations on upcoming puppies but generally first come first served will be matched up with the puppy of their choice or as advised to fit their individual needs.

Quite honestly I have found that what sets our Koolie apart from other breeds I have known, owned or worked with, is the inner nature, not tending to be fizzy headed as some working breeds. A nicely bred and sensibly raised Koolie can be as soft as butter yet if given a tough task to do and they'll go hell for leather to get the job done, ask for rightful acknowledgement and then settle down for a quiet nap. A rough tough dog with an OFF SWITCH. What's not to like about that ????? However, it may not be truly evident til puppyhood has passed for as we all know puppies can only behave like puppies. Early training is key!

I consider all my babies as precious cargo, so I may ask some initial questions to be clear that you actually understand the nature and needs of fun loving active dogs, or are new to dog ownership. I hope I get honest answers because no one wins otherwise and I only wish to help.

It's not rocket science, just an understanding of how dogs minds really work, which is nothing like humans or dogs portrayed in Disney movies.

While Koolies are most certainly known as the do it all breed, there can still be signs that a particular puppy may best suit a busy on the go-go working/sporting environment, and another may best suit life as the more laid back companion.

This is Olivia's stunning girl Sabre (baby name Cinnamon) and her mum just loves her to bits. With such a loveable face who wouldn't?
No matter what breed, an uneducated wild weed of a pup will of course chew your funiture and dig up your prize roses. Education, consistency and caring, makes the noticeable difference.

I'm not talking satin sheets and silver food bowls, no one gets that here. I'm talking about being cared about, being given a sense of belonging and structure. Even hard living working dogs need that sense of belonging and a leader they can trust.

To assist in the transition all puppies leave here with a doggy bag pack of familiar food and an information brochure for their new parents and ongoing support is always available because I want you to succeed and enjoy your Koolie.

Dogs are not hairy humans, they do not understand the world around them and our world isn't designed for the needs of animals. To the uninitiated animal our world would be terrifying, then, if they are subjected to unsupervised toddlers or ignorant adults proding, rough handling or taunting them, as I'm sure we have all witnessed, how would they not react in a defensive manner. Please, protect them from such situations and toddlers who know no different.
Also important to know is that dogs are not loners but pack animals with an innate relentless need to belong within a group/pack. Confusion reigns supreme in dogs who exist without a sense of belonging. Even if the 'pack' happens to be just you and your dog.
Montego Wild Fern, a little harridan as a puppy is now so sensible and just delightful to have around.
Lobo, or Montego Wild Takabari just before he left Australia for Canada in 2015. A Beautiful baby.
I thinks it's fair to say that the Woodward family of W.A. seem to be thrilled with the arrival their beautiful little girl Riva.
Douggie, is not only a much loved family member to the Hunt family of S.A. he also earns his keep working the family's sheep.
Klaus loves the family's kayak trips as much as anyone. Is there anything a Koolie wont do?
If you want a Koolie for let's say, a family companion, fun and games, sports or working on the farm, live animal transport etc. well you'll find a Koolie does all that and more really really well.
What you want is a PET Koolie.

So if that's what you want then puppy adoptees will be encouraged to neuter their Koolie and so eliminate possible indiscriminate breedings that could be long term detrimental. Plus, it's a fact that neutered dogs are much nicer to live with.

That's ok, just please state that upfront so all DNA health checks can be applied to that puppy and you will receive copies of all DNA testings for your peace of mind.

That's how we can ensure you get only the best and healthiest to continue the breed.

To demonstrate that Montego Koolies is committed to the betterment of the breed in the long term we offer a written
for neutered Montego Koolies covering genetically
diseases or disabilities.
That's how you can feel sure that you will get the best we can give
and ensure your Koolie has as long and healthy a life as is possible.
Genetic DNA health testing is a remarkable tool we can now use to advantage, to discover and refine the inherited health of our breeding dogs.

It is known that some abnormalities/diseases are affected by several genes and/or causation from environmental factors so tests for such diseases (Hip Dysplasia etc.) might never be available. 

Inheritance of one copy of any unhealthy gene is not a problem and such a dog probably will not actually suffer any associated disease, but by breeding to another not carrying that same gene seems the safe way to better canine health. Who would not want that?

This is not something to be afraid of, it is a miracle of modern science that such knowledge is now available for us to utilise to the benefit of our chosen breed.

The time will come when  Montego Koolies will be DNA tested and puppies will be either non breeding stock (pet) or breeding stock. By years end 2017 all will be in place. For instance, my main girl is totally free of any as yet known abnomalty so if she is bred to a likewise healthy male, the resulting pups will of course be 100% clear also. Barring any mutations.

There is sadly an air of fear flying around that breeding merle x merle will produce faulty pups. That unnecessary fear could result in a heavy culling or 'weeding out' of some very worthy dogs to the point of the true aussie Koolie being lost.

As of 2017 all Montego Koolies have been DNA tested to ensure future Koolies will be able to boast the remarkably healthy gene pool that the breed is noted for. As we move along all unwanted 'carried ' traits will be bred out by jusicious selective breeding. 
So, one may ask, where to now?

From July 2018 we are also required by law to ensure that new puppy owners realise their duty to neuter all non breeding purpose animals. If you are not a registered breeder you muct neuter your puppy, both genders.
This is a marvelous and corageous move to erradicate the suffering of animals lost, neglected or used as puppy farm pup producers.

Any questions, just ask. Will fill you in as much as possible.

Below is a little more info for those willing to read on.
While Montego Koolies only came into being in 2008 my initial and accidental intro into breeding Koolies was 40+ years ago, in fact my three now very adult kids grew up surrounded by our Koolies and love and respect for the wonder of all earth's creatures has always been important in our lives.

I genuinely can't imagine what a terribly different, totally drab, unsurprising, uninspiring world it would be without the wonderful array of magnificent creatures that capture our hearts, fill our lives, share our families, our planet and even our homes.

If you are a knowledgeable dog owner or are willing to learn to be
(I am always just a phone call or email away for help or advice) you can be placed on my wait list to be notified as litters arrive thereby giving you the option of selecting that special Koolie puppy you have been waiting for before they are offered publicly.

Once your pup has been chosen/allocated a 50% deposit will secure yours til weaned, Vet health checked, immunized, micro chipped and ready to go home with you at minimum 8 weeks.

Should a puppy not pass their Vet health inspection it will not be offered for adoption and a refund or replacement will be offered.

I adore each and every pup produced at Montego and I want their new families to love them too. To this end I put quality time and effort into my babies preparing them to be happy, social, nice little dogs, with a yen for learning and doing. Naturally, I expect their new families to further their education which is an ongoing day by day process. Just as it is with humans. Something new to be learned every day keeps life exciting and the psyche stimulated.

It is essential that my babies go to homes where they will be considered a family member loved cared for and very importantly, educated, by caring, knowledgeable owners who realise the longterm responsibilities that come with adopting an animal into their family unit.
In 2017  Montego Koolies began DNA testing. First off the rank is lead girl Buffy (AKA Montego Wild Saffron, thats her right)
I am pleased to announce that Buffy's DNA testing has revealed that she is.....

100% PURE Koolie
with a COI of 0%
but also.....
is 100% FREE of any of the 160+
known genetic diseases or anomalies
that are currently tested for in genetic tests conducted by Embark Veterinary. USA.

Buffys 2 bubs, Montego Wild Willo (Willo) and Montego Wild Opal (Opie), plus grand bub Montego Wild Fern (Zena)
have also passed DNA testing with flying colours.
I am so proud of my girls.

You too can be proud to of any of the Montego offspring and enjoy the peace of knowing that there are minimal nasties lurking in their genetic background to cost you a fortune down the road. Accidents happen all the time, genetic faults should not!