CHARLOTTE LORD ( Montego Koolies Dogzblogz member) Similarities to other Aussie herding dogs, but more of a tendency to be dog/people friendly
and less reactive IME! Incredibly sweet, loyal and devoted. Handler sensitive while still being very stable and not sensitive to their surroundings
 (adaptable). Great off switch while still being a workaholic. Also, not sure if this is the norm, but Ned is very bonded to his livestock.
Hi, I am Buffy, (AKA Montego Wild Saffron) and I'm  head girl for Montego now since my mum Honey had to go away.
My name was Montego Wild Honey (2007 - 2014)
and Montego Koolies is all because of me.
I am Opie, (Montego Wild Opal). I am Honey's first retained granddaughter, Buffy is my mum, and  everyone tells me I am so much like my wonderful Nan.
I am Montego Wild Willo, or just Willo.  My mum is Buffy,  so I am a sister to Opie and grand daughter of Honey.
The stud sires used at Montego are generally sourced from long established bloodlines of Koolies, the unsung 'doing dogs' from farms, stock stations, etc. Some of these dogs may be many generations Koolie but as most are not registered within an established breed registry they pretty much have to begin as 'foundation' stock, no matter how long their ancestry. I'm okay with that and appreciate locating these wonderful dogs and adding them to my bloodline.

That these good dogs could so easily be bypassed and never added to the Koolie registry would be sacrilege in my opinion.  Such animals deserve to be recognised, cherished and preserved, never ever lost.
At Montego there are no medals, awards or fancy smancy pedigrees, just bloody good dogs of character, trainability, loyalty and beauty raised in a way that moulds their attitude for life and learning.  My Koolies are out there doin' it all so I feel content for now that we are on the right track, however, it would be wrong to not always be open minded for a better way of doing anything. 
and hopefully there'll be HEAPS  more HAPPY SMILEY RAINBOWS where they came from!
Bred by Montego Koolies
This beautiful boy is Scotts Boss owned by Scott Dayman of Scotts Coolies. From a long line of station bred koolies Boss was first sire here at Montego but was tragically lost from snake bite. His pups were stunning and from his last ever litter one little boy was retained. That pup is the gorgeous Montego Picasso, AKA Bosco or Boz. PS. As a really weird and horrid co-incidence, Bosco has also been afflicted with snake bite, twice, both times he was so thankfully found in time to be saved.
Right. Another Scotts Coolies sire, this gorgeous boy Scotts Four sired a very special litter with Buffy that would see 2 of these pups exported to Canada B.C.
Right. Second resident sire here at Montego was Montego Big Red, he has now been rehomed and is enjoying life as an adored family member.
Lower far left. Montego's current sire Reynolds Tru Blu is from Stephen Reynolds long line of Koolie contract mustering team dogs.  His first 2 litters here have produced exactly what is expected, pups with brains and personality as well as damn good looks.
Hi, I am Zena, (Montego Wild Fern) and I'm told I am very special because, as Opie is my mum, that makes me the first great grand daughter of Honey. I've been told she was very special too.
Photo right. 9 beautiful puppies born in USA April 2017 sired by Montego Wild Takabari (on loan from Avalon Koolies Canada BC.)

Not sure just whom these little treasures will carry the flag for. Tak was born in Aus, adopted into Canada BC, flown to USA to sire babies in N.Y.C. Let's go with all!

Beautiful girl Montego Wild Reign
Cool dude Montego Wild Takabari.
Gogetem Tak,
have studly ways will travel!
Quantum Coolies of N.Y.C. run by Jeannine Jay is the premier breeder of Coolies in the United States. Avalon Coolies British Columbia is run by Shawn Freyman who is the premier Coolie breeder in B.C. Could one have ever dared to wish that their own special Aussie Koolie bloodline could ever land in such prestigeous hands? Not I. Yet that's exactly what has happened!
Photos here and below. This handsome boy is Boz, Bosco, (reg. name Montego Picasso so named as as he asurely appears to have been coloured in by someone with a distorted view) the very last son of both dec. parents Montego Wild Honey and Scotts Boss.

Photo far left. Montego Wild Reign and Montego Wild Takabari, (Montego Koolies X Scotts Coolies project)  exported to Avalon Coolies, Canada BC, in June 2015.
All Montego bred females have tested and proven 100% clear of any/all currently known DNA defects, problems or diseases. Chip was born onto a family already tested and cleared. Montego pups are inherently disease and/or defect free to the best of our possible knowledge. And what a relief that knowledge is.

There are many breeds associated with poor genetics and typical breed defects / illnesses which leave their families broken hearted and big time out of pocket.  Our Aussie Koolies, in the hands of registered and credible breeders, will be travelling a very different path.

I am proud of the quality, the health and the character of the babies produced here at Montego Koolies, and demonstrate this with a written and genuine Puppy Health Guarantee that will be honoured.  If any pup born here at Montego Koolies exhibits poor health, physical defect, or any malady known to be completely genetically linked, the guarantee will come into effect.

Retained for sentimental reasons, realistically this gorgeous boy is missing out on a better life that he so deserves.

He is a healthy, loving, and obliging boy, used to cats, horses, kids and other dogs, he will play gently with pups and is just an all round gorgeous boy.

Boz has produced a litter and one of his pups was exported to Poland by Kuipto Koolies. For breeding purpose and in keeping with modern breeding ethics Boz would be bred to DNA compatible girls.

 If you feel you would want a beautiful boy of his calibre please give me a call or a message.

All Montego Bred girls have been DNA tested 100% clear.
Allambie Chocolate Chip.
Montego resident sire as of 2018.
I think its clear that our Mr. Chip is going to be a wonderful daddy. Here he is playing with the first babies he's been introduced to and he is so gentle and tolerant it;s magic to watch. These are not his progeny, so wonder how he will react when he meets his own. He's grown into a very beautiful boy I'm sure he'll be an excellent sire.

Chip is currently doing his bit to ensure the arrival of his first pups in March 2018. Gogetem Chip!
Montego Picasso