I choose to believe that I'm doing something right when Montego puppy owners are my best advertisement and I receive inquiries from those who have simply met a dog that I bred.

There are some breeders who say they have been breeding for decades, so they know they must have the best and be the best at it! Well I've eaten meals cooked by someone who's been cooking for 60 years, and they're still crap cooks! How long someone has been doing something just does not equate that they must be the best at 'it' IMHO. I make no such claim, but feel that I am on the right track and will still always be open to improvements where and when changes are deemed necessary.

I am physically unable to work stock with my dogs these days yet my girls are still producing pups that are impressive workers, but those who do not work their Koolie and ask them to be no more than family members are equally impressed. So they tell me.

I have been told they will lose the ability to work maybe over time, but I don't believe basic animal genetics actually work that way. If both sides of a pedigree carry genes coded for certain traits, those traits don't just disappear unless they are diluted by continuously not breeding, on both sides, for those traits. Even so, a pedigree can only offer possibilities not probabilities. Pint sized fluffy lap dogs are still today genetically coded to scavenge for food and mark territory, even though they are thousands of years removed from the necessity of either for survival.
Above. Spencer overlooks Moana Beach S.A. on an outing with his mum Hannah.

That is the reason when you take a Montego puppy it has already has a head start on that journey, and actually understand more than the average pup at that age.

An opportunity to shine.That's what I wish for all my Montego babies. Actually, I wish that for all Koolies, all dogs, the world over.

I am also told puppies from Montego are a breeze to house train and slot in to their new environments easily, plus, all babies go to their new homes with an information/care pack and some dinners to help with their adjustment.There are no shrinking violets or scared little rabbits raised here.

P.S. I am only ever an email or phone call away from advice or bragging rights which never run out.

I appreciate it when puppy owners keep in contact to let me know how their pups are doing. When a puppy owner tells me their Montego Koolie has 'outdone their expectations',  are so much more than they hoped for, that to me is excellence, in fact it's the definition of excelling, and I feel so rewarded. No gold medals or blue ribbons. Pride of ownership. That's what I'm talking about! That's GOLD!
Bess and Bella (Koolie pups at either end of the line from the same litter M.K. Wild Honey x Scotts Boss) join the livestock transport working team from Hay N.S.W. They'll have to work hard and earn their keep now. Bess is also above left showing the sheep who's boss.
Quote 'Bella and Bess can unload now, couldn't be happier' (end quote). At less than 6 months old (23 weeks) these girls were working well. I just wish they knew how proud they make me feel.

KARYN TURNBULL (Montego Koolies Dogzblogz fb member)  They're even more devoted than other working dog breeds, love for their humans and couches!

All the good stuff is there in one package, but there's no magic involved. Naturally it's up to their human family to nurture the best in them with constant improving and expanding of their knowledge base. I've owned many breeds of dog, loved em' all, but most breeds no matter how much time you put in they will always remain tail waggers and woofers, and that's the most you'll get from them no matter how adorable and adored they may be. Koolies are for those who want more, and do more.

Koolies seem to be made with an extra, very special ingredient that makes them more. Make a pal of your Koolie, be clear with them what is wanted and what is not. Digging holes on the beach is great doggy fun, but digging in the lawn, hell NO, and let them know by providing a means where they cannot get to what you want to survive their transition from pup to intelligent adult dog. Include them in different areas of your life. You'll be so glad you did. You'll find it's quite easy to establish a 'language' with your Koolie, either by word, inflection, or signal. It was one huge eureka moment when I discovered how easy it was to converse with Koolies silently. Get to know a Koolie. You'll see what I'm talkin' about. Ya Gotta love a Koolie!
Another reason why my Koolies ROCK! (and there's many more.) Here 2 little poddy lambs are being attended to by my Koolies.

Fare right. Honey allowed this lamb on first introduction into her kennel for safety and warmth on a freezing night. God I love these dogs!!! And Honey was the best!
I take great pride in producing truly healthy, happy babies reared with genuine care and affection, heaps of good nourishment, gentle but firm handling, regular worming and playtime with other all age dogs so they gain some basic social interaction and even learn some doggy manners.

They also get their first lessons in humans rule. Probably the most important lesson of all. So, by the time a baby leaves my care they can be handled while feeding, are starting to learn a few necessities such as to come when called and that 'NO' must be obeyed 'RIGHT NOW'.

Of course there's a logical limit to how much a puppy can learn while just weeks old, but by all accounts, my efforts have not been in vain and the attitude they gain seems to be the key. The longer they are with me the more they learn of course, as they are born with an enviable ability to literally soak up learning like little sponges. By the time they're weaned and following my footfalls, they must then learn to keep away from feet so as never to be trodden on or trip me up.

One thing I believe to be totally indisputable is that any dog can only be as good as what he/she is to their owner. Meaning, the most capable, courageous, talented beautiful dog in the world can achieve absolutely nothing if left uneducated or chained in a backyard for life.

Koolies, exceptional animals with beauty that constantly amazes me with a temperament that is unbelievable. Tough gentle dogs.

Plus their intelligence is such that once you get past the hair raising puppy stage, which all puppies must pass through, that's when you find the true Koolie nature shine through. It's more, it's different, it's chock full of character.
Anyway, this is most certainly the message getting back to me and they are proving keen at an early age. If environment begins to outweigh genetics I think I'll know, but I strongly believe in the power of genetics so will continue to breed for traits in both sides of a pedigree. I am proud that my Montegos are pulling their weight where needed and wanted, and typical of smarter working dogs can turn their paw to various pursuits.

I am breeding my Koolies for traits that I consider to be important in any dog, and it's clear to me that others are needing and expecting those very same traits in their family members too.

There are not that many active working breeds that have proven so completely and utterly versatile, and with such great style. I've had other working breeds, loved them all but most are too fizzy headed for me. I need dogs with an off switch.

Montego Koolies are bred from good working lines, and these working abilities lend themselves to so many other desirable attributes. With this natural heritage coupled with the uber smart and genial Koolie natures, the end result is an intelligent animal with instinctive abilities that can so easily be utilised for so many modern day needs and pursuits.
In my opinion, useful, people pleasing, reliable dogs of any breed must show intelligence, character, reliability, friendliness, and an innate willingness to please their team leader. That is me, you, or whomever their human happens to be.
My Montego Koolies have been fortunate enough to find their way to many varied pursuits and do it all with class. From urban to country, family companions to hard working mixed farms/working stations, or travelling stock transporters.

No matter what you want your Koolie to do or be, there's a mountain of talent and possibilities just waiting to be unleashed, so it's up to the human side of the team to encourage, guide, shape and teach, to allow them to succeed at it, whatever 'it' is.

One more thing, for those not proficient at dog training, puppy school is just the first lessons, go on and on with your dog's training and you'll be amazed by what you end up with.
Bess is quite at home and literally 'on the sheeps back.'
Could there possibly be a more perfect way to cool off on a sizzling summer day.

If anyone tries to tell you young dogs cannot be expected to show an inclination to work til they age and you teach them some...
You can tell'em from me
they're dreamin.
Like any talent I reckon you got it or youdon't.
Don't get me wrong, I do not advocate putting growing pups to work but I do believe they will exhibit whatever their genetic makeup lends it'self to.