SHARON LEE GORDON (MontegoKoolies Dogzblogz fb member) Koolies are the best all round dogs. I have always had working dogs, but
koolies are the best breed of working dogs, they always want to please, and are so quick to learn new things. They love being part of a family.

I genuinely hope you enjoy this personal insight into my world of modern day aussie Koolies.

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Our Koolies are descendants of those great hearted dogs that played a gigantic historic role in shaping our Australia, ''the country that was made on the sheeps back''. Who could possibly have predicted that now, almost 200 years on, those same beautiful animals would be sheer perfection for 21st century Australia as well? Same dog, different day!

Please feel free to join us and play a part in this exciting new journey for these amazing,
once almost unheard of, made in oz dogs we can all be so proud of.

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Our Aussie Koolies have worked long and hard for us ..... now is their time!
Two total strangers walk their dogs along a beach shoreline as you would on a hot summer afternoon.

As they near each other they can't help but note that they are each walking  Koolies.

Of couse a conversation ensues and an exchange of information reveals a most coincidental fact.

Two strangers then discover that not only are they are both walking Koolies....but both happen to be Montego Koolies born and bred!

Left. Carreen with her much loved boy Floyd. Right. Taylah in Adelaide for Xmas with her darling Clarry.

Honestly, if that's not co-incidence then what is it?

Looks like there's just no stopping these Montego Koolies. They seem to be popping up all over the place.
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If like me, you understand the absolute necessity of being able to rely on the dogs in your life to be the most trusted members of your family. There's just too much at stake so there must absolutely and positively be no if's but's or maybe's.

Then if like me you can deal with no less than sensible, trainable canine intelligence, amazing learning attitude & an innate willingness to do all & more for their own personal human(s).

Then, there's knowing that even with their amazing wow factor and never get lost in a crowd outstanding looks, it's actually what's inside that really sets Koolies apart.

I know from experience that such a smart, trustworthy, trainable, loyal canine family member like that can mean a whole world of difference and that brand of confidence is absolutely worth it's weight in gold.

Koolies are that and so much more. While for so long they have been regarded as the maestros of traditional farm and/or stock work, we now know that those very same qualities render them sheer perfection for companionship, family fun or today's popular yet demanding/fun dog sports. They're just more willing and eager to learn how to please and can stay cool headed more than other breeds I've known. It's all about the inner nature and I've personally never yet come across an untrustworthy Koolie. That's a fact!

So, if like me, you too want all that & more in one wonderful bundle of affection, talent and loyalty, then you too just gotta make yours a true blue dinki di dyed in the wool Aussie made Koolie! P.S... Koolies are not from Germany, they're actually Aussie made.

This I know first hand! What has me totally stumped is why this has been our secret for so long? I think it's time for the whole world to know. For lack of a better explanation all I can tell you is in so many ways....
Thank You 2017 for delivering more awesome Montego babies that never fail to amaze me
and put a smile on so many faces. Just like Forest Gump's box of chocolates you don't
know what you're gonna get. That's exciting so 2018 if you can do better, cmon show me what you've got!